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2002 – Palm Island, Miami Beach, Florida – Kevin St. Clair (left) pictured with the late Richard Kraver (right) and his wonderful family.

Kevin St. Clair

In 1998, Kevin crossed the Atlantic Ocean working aboard the mega-yacht made famous by the Hollywood Blockbuster films “Overboard” and “Indecent Proposal.”



This experience revealed to him an entire industry which had until then, been hidden from the rest of the world.



Fast forward to 2002. After learning how to navigate, read R.A.D.A.R. and successfully enter & depart countries aboard privately-owned, multi-million-dollar yachts, Kevin was hired as captain of the brand new M/Y “Tina Marie,” a 76′ Horizon motor-yacht, valued at $2.5M, owned by the founder of two revolutionary companies. 

Kevin began commissioning over a dozen Horizon & Hargrave motor-yachts. In 2004 he was hired as the project manager in the new construction of a 105′ motor-yacht, valued at nearly $6M.

Kevin now uses his nautical expertise to help yacht and boat owners discover often overlooked details aboard their next purchase. 

He also helps his clients maximize the value of their existing vessels and avoid leaving money on the table at closing. 

Kevin is sought after by savvy yacht and boat buyers & sellers and has been regarded as thorough, straightforward, and transparent in what he discovers aboard each vessel.

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