3 Simple Steps To Selling Your Boat

From the Desk of Kevin St. Clair…


March 10th, 2021 – Due to a combination of upcoming economic, seasonal and boating industry-related factors (historically low inventory + historically high demand)…


the amount of ‘eyeballs’ looking at my published boat brokerage listings is about to SKYROCKET, based on my research.


I’ve been in the maritime industry for almost 25 years and currently have hundreds of boat buyers calling me, almost every day.


This upcoming (and likely Historic) demand for boats will not last long, though.


Timing is everything, if you want to capitalize on what’s likely about to happen.


A ‘perfect storm‘ is brewing and if you want your boat to sell for top Dollar…


NOW is the time for you to get your boat listed into our online platforms, Worldwide.


My research suggests, the absolute best time for me to get YOU top dollar for your boat is…

within the next 90 days.

When you’re ready to sell your boat for top dollar…

Here’s what to do next


Take a picture of your Boat's Title showing ‘Proof of Ownership.’


Request & Return the completed 1-pg PDF – Listing Agreement.


Attach several current (and accurate) pictures of your boat.

That’s it.

Also, if you’ve ‘re-powered’ your boat or have any additional features/options etc…please include this information in your email reply.

The more VALUE we convey with your listing...the more money you can expect for your boat.

you can expect to see your Boat published on platforms like:




And dozens of other online boating websites around the WORLD.

Once you send me the above items...

my team and I will take care of the rest.

I look forward to bringing you a buyer for your boat.

- Kevin "Sell Your Boat For Top Dollar" St. Clair

Ready to take your next step?

Buyers all over the World are calling me, wanting our published boat listings.

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