How To Sell Your Boat For Top Dollar…FAST!


How To Sell Your Boat For Top Dollar…FAST!

Avoid Leaving Money On The Table At Closing Time

Actionable Tips from an Industry Veteran to help you sell your boat or yacht…for more money.

If you’ve said to yourself “I may want to sell my boat“…then you may be ready to say Goodbye to an old friend.

I understand, this can be nostalgic for any boat owner.

How to sell a boat for the most money is not as simple as most people think.

The good news is…

I’m here to make your life a little bit easier… 

by providing you with a simple checklist to help you sell your boat…for more moneyfast.


First though…who am I?


My name is Kevin St Clair, and I have 25 years of experience in the maritime industry.

I’m a former private yacht captain of several, multi-million dollar yachts…

and I’ve been involved in the transaction of boats ranging from Center Consoles – luxury motor-yachts.



Boat buyers routinely ask me to examine boats and yachts before they buy them.


Now, in my current role as a Licensed Florida Yacht and Ship Salesperson


I’m selling millions worth of boats…for people just like you…


through the brokerage division of National LiquidatorsNational Yacht Sales


So, without further ado (and as promised)…


Here’s How To Sell Your Boat For Top Dollar…Fast!




Bermuda – 1998 During Our Trans-Atlantic Crossing From Norfolk, Virginia – Athens, Greece aboard the 150′ Motoryacht Made Famous by The Hollywood Blockbuster Films “Overboard” and “Indecent Proposal.”


Step 1 – Become Your Buyer

The two best days of a boat owner’s life are

the days he buys the boat and the day he sells the boat.Anonymous


Do you remember the day you bought your boat?


Do you remember how you looked over the:


– Cosmetics

– Cleats

– Decks

– Upholstery

– Electronics

– Motor

and…steering system?


Do you remember how hard you were looking for flaws,

repairs, and any areas of neglect, or damage?


Well, as someone who spends all day listening to the questions and concerns of boat buyers…


you’d be doing yourself a favor if, before you have a buyer look at your boat…


imagine yourself back into the mindset, that you were in when you first looked at your boat and…


become your buyer.


Take a moment and pretend that YOU are seeing your boat for the first time (again) and look for flaws.


Go over EVERYTHING exactly as you did before you bought your boat.


Find the flaws and address the ones you can address without breaking the bank.


In my job, not a day goes by, when a buyer doesn’t bring up things, that they think…

deserve a price reduction. 


Then…they try and use these items as leverage when negotiating the price.

I deal with this exact scenario…every…single…day.


So, if you want to sell a boat and avoid leaving money on the table at closing time, look for (and address) these issues ahead of time.


You may save yourself a small fortune by finding these things…

before your potential buyer does.


Tip 2 – Bilges Don’t Lie 

Over the years, I’ve had several buyers call me and ask me to go with them,

to inspect a yacht (or boat)…before they buy her.


And when I go with them to look at their ‘new to them’ boat, guess where I look first?


I ALWAYS head straight for the bilges.


Now don’t get me wrong…

I scan the exterior, decks, cleat, and look for signs of damage (or repair)…

on my way down to the bilge areas.




Because from my experience…

Bilges don’t often lie.


More, specifically, the aft centerline bilge compartment on any size vessel…

speaks to me’.



Here’s how.


If there’s ANY fluid sitting in the bilge compartments, I want to know 2 things…


1. What color is it?


2. Where is it coming from?


Finding the answers to these questions can sometimes take just a few minutes.


If you do this with your boat BEFORE showing her to a potential buyer…


You may be able to address these leaks without spending a fortune.


Once you’ve done that, you should consider cleaning your bilges and then…

paint them.



Remember…first impressions last forever.


Even just using a couple of cans of spray paint can make your bilges look much nicer.


I can tell you from my experience that when your buyer looks into your bilges…

and sees how clean they are…


it will create more value for your boat, in his mind…

which can result in a higher selling price for you.



Tip 3 – Ride The Tide

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1998 as a ‘lowly’ Deckhand aboard the 150’ motor-yacht made famous by the Hollywood films ‘Overboardand ‘Indecent Proposal’…


and spending the next few years accruing sea time, I became captain of a new Horizon 76’ motor-yacht.


She was docked behind her owner’s home on Palm Island in Miami Beach, Florida.

                                                                                                                                                                The owner, the late Richard Kraver, wanted to take his family on a months-long voyage…

up the entire East Coast of America…

and so, we did.


Upon returning to South Florida, he asked me to go with him and give him my input on a beautiful, new Grand Banks 53’ East Bay motor-yacht.


He wanted to buy a smaller vessel which he could operate himself.


So…we put his Horizon 76’ into the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in the Fall of 2002…

and afterward, returned her to her home dock behind his estate, on Palm Island.



2002 – Palm Island, Miami Beach, Florida – Kevin St. Clair (left) pictured with the late Richard Kraver (right) and his wonderful family.


One day, while I was working on-board the boat, behind his home, he called me into the home.


When I walked into his home office, he said “Captain, a buyer wants to come to see the boat with his Broker.


I know that you keep the boat in great shape and I would only like to ask you for one favor, please.


It doesn’t matter which day you schedule the showing.


I only ask that you please schedule the Buyer to arrive during High Tide.


Now, Mr. Kraver had already taught me A LOT during our East Coast Voyage…

and he ALWAYS had a reason for saying things.


Being the curious 29-year old that I was at the time, I asked…


I will do that and may I ask WHY you want me to schedule the showing at High Tide?”



He said I’m glad you asked and here’s why.


Imagine you’re the buyer and you walk into my home.

Do you see how, when you enter the front door,

you can see straight through the Great Room

and out to the yacht?”


I replied, Yes, of course.”

                                                                                                                                                               He said, “Well, the tides are roughly 3 feet in Miami Beach

and if my boat is sitting 3′ higher in the water…it will look bigger.


He was right (he was always right). 🙂


So, I did as he requested, and when the buyer showed up…

the M/Y “Tina Mariewas sitting as high in the water as she could possibly sit.


She was clean…

she was glistening


and after the buyer went through her and asked me questions about her performance, mechanical condition, and fuel consumption…


he bought the boat for $2.3M.


Now…you may or may not know this but it is VERY unusual

for the FIRST buyer who looks at a multimillion-dollar yacht…to buy her.


It’s almost unheard of yet, that’s exactly what happened.


The moral of the story is this…

If your boat is sitting in the water, you’d be wise to schedule your showings at High Tide.



Tip 4 – Request Your Free Screenshot of What Has Recently Transacted for Your Boat’s Year, Make & Model.


Here’s the deal…

Many online boat listings that you see published are often inflated numbers.


In other words…

As a boat owner, you probably know this first part…

when you see a boat for sale and look at the price, what you see is the asking price.


That being said, you may not know this next part.

If you want to sell your boat, find out the truth of what has TRANSACTED for your boat’s

similar Year, Make & Model.


Aside from having accounts on all the major, boat listing websites, we also have an account with



So…rather than wasting your time and guessing (or using boat listing websites as a guide on how to price your boat)…

you can find out exactly what buyers have recently PAID for your type of boat.


To receive your free screenshot, simply enter your boat’s details in the form below.




After you submit this form, I’ll log into my dashboard.


I’ll find the vessels that have transacted, which are similar to yours…

and send you a screenshot of what you can expect to sell your boat for (depending on it’s current condition.

Super simple.


*Note: Your should receive your ‘comps’ within 24-48 hours.


After your receive this information from me, here’s what you want to know…


Before you list your boat for sale, you should learn these three things…


1. How much have other sellers listed their boats for?


2. How long were those boats on the market?


3. How much did they actually SELL FOR?


Once you’ve gathered this information, you will be in a MUCH better position to sell your boat…FAST


(and you’ll also be able to see approximately how long it may take to sell your boat).


Knowledge + Action = Power


Giving you a screenshot of what has transacted is a free service that I enjoy providing to boat owners…just like you.


Tip 5 – Get Them Excited

About 15 years ago, I was asked by a yacht owner to have the boat’s interior carpeting replaced.


He said Kevin, I want you to find a ‘Holy S#*T Carpet.’

I replied, Umm…can you please tell me what a ‘Holy S#*T Carpet’ is?”


He said “Well, when one of my guests comes onboard…

walks across the aft deck and opens the sliding glass door…

I want them to say “Holy S#*T!


If you give your buyer a ‘Holy S#*T moment’ …you may thank yourself when your boat sells.


Tip 6 – Survey Today…or Pay The Price Later

A friend of mine (Mike) has owned 30 boats over the past 40 years…

ranging from center consoles to a 97’ motoryacht.


Years ago, he was selling one of his more expensive yachts and his buyer had the boat surveyed.


After the survey, Mike said that everything seemed fine…

and they proceeded towards the closing.


When the closing date arrived, however, the buyer brought up something concerning.

                                                                                                                                                                    Whatever the issue was, it was ‘news’ to Mike.

He wasn’t aware of this issue with his boat before seeing the survey.


At that moment, the buyer reduced his offering price by a staggering $100,000!



Shocked, Mike had second thoughts.


He thought about refusing.


He thought about this surprising (and disappointing) discovery about his boat.


Then, he thought about the fact that this issue was likely going to come up in a future survey…

and agreed to this $100,000 price reduction.


So, Mike ‘lost out’ on $100,000 that he was expecting to receive from the transaction.


Regardless of the dollar amount, you can learn a lesson from Mike.


Even simply having your motor(s) inspected by a certified mechanic could save you money at closing.


I recently published a brokerage listing for a 2006 Grady White 360 Express.



Now…before I publish a boat listing and start promoting her

to my large database of buyers, I only need three things…


1. A picture of the title or USCG document.


2. Pictures of the boat.


3. Signed listing agreement (1-page PDF).


That’s it.


Now, when this particular client sent me the above items…

he also sent me a copy of his most recent survey.


This survey helps me learn more about his boat which enables me to showcase

her features & benefits…

while at the same time preparing me

for how I will handle any concerns or objections from the buyers.


This survey (or mechanical inspection) helps me ‘mount my defense’

 ahead of closing time…

and prepare for the buyer’s ‘attack’. 🙂


Tip 7 – Sell Your Boat Using The World’s Largest
Boat & Yacht Liquidator

The way to get more money for your boat is to enlist the service of the experts.



As you read this, I’m currently receiving 100’s of incoming calls each day

from boat buyers…hundreds. 


They’re calling with questions about our boat listings.


Being the largest company in the World who does what we do, it’s no surprise.


Demand for boats like yours has never been higher and having me alongside you…

on your path to selling your boat, may get you top-dollar for your boatFAST.


Nearly 1/3 of our nationwide inventory are my brokerage listings


(BTW…I recently had a buyer offer one of my clients 30% OVER “Book Value“, for his Cruisers 3672 Express.)




If you want your boat to be one of the boats, they’re calling me about, contact me today.



Kevin St. Clair

Licensed Florida Yacht and Ship Salesperson

Member – International Yacht Brokers Association

National Liquidators

Tel – 954-990-1076

Email –

Website –


“Kevin St. Clair has sold three boats for me. He’s great!” Brian P. – Boat Owner



Here are just some of the boats I’ve sold over the past 12 Months


Will yours be next?


Copyright 2021 – – All Rights Reserve


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